Cannabinoid & TerpeneConcentratesThe Solstice Way

At Solstice our goal is to provide the cleanest, highest quality experience of the plant when you have one of our concentrates. Every dab you take should be potent, flavorful, and free of any unpleasant or dangerous compounds.


Filtered for Purity

Our Cold Filtetred Exactions are filtered using bentonite clay to preserve active cannabinoids and terpenes while removing chlorophyll, most lipids (fats) and other compounds left over from the plant which may be less enjoyable or potentially harmful if consumed in concentrated form.

Sub-Zero Hydrocarbon Solvents

We use hydrocarbon solvents (butane & propane) that are made liquid at sub-zero temperatures to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. Solvents are then purged in our vacuum ovens and evaporated off in our lab, producing a clean, broad-spectrum cannabis oil.

Using The Whole Plant Wisely

Cold Filtered Extraction makes use of all parts of the plant with trichome content, as part of our sustainable, low-waste methods. Sometimes we will make smaller batches which do not use any trim and are Full Flower (Nug Run).

Cured To Perfection

Each Cold Filtered Extraction batch goes through a final curing process, where carefully controlled evaporation in our lab creates the right consistency for each batch, making easy to use, delicious dabs.

Potent & Delicious

Cold Filtered Extraction usually results in 60%-90% cannabinoid and 1%-15% terpene concentrates, meaning your dabs are full of flavor, and pack a strong dose with full entourage effects.

Flash Freeze? Live Resin?

All plant material in our Cold Filtered Extraction is flash frozen, also known as “cold curing.” For particularly enticing and high-terpene batches, we freeze wet plant material immediately after harvesting, instead of post cure, and then extract this fresh-frozen material to produce a Live Resin extraction, best preserving volatile compounds throughout the process.

Post-Extraction Processing

How to form crystals, rocks, sauce, diamonds, and badder

A Cold Filtered Extraction process produces a thick, sticky oil concentrate which contains the active compounds, along with some amounts of other compounds from the plant, based on filtration used. This oil goes through a post-extraction curing process, where any traces of remaining solvent are purged and removed using low temperature and vacuum. The final consistency of the product is determined by the time and methods used in this cure (purging) process. During this curing process, crystal structures form, which are composed of acidic cannabinoids, most notably THCA and CBDA. As pure cannabinoid crystals form, they separate from the oil, which becomes an even stickier, more concentrated sauce with terpenes and minor cannabinoids (also known as HTE - High Terpene Extract). Different consistencies of product can be easier to use in different dab tools, and may do a better job of highlighting and preserving particular cannabinoid and terpene profiles. For each extraction batch we run, our Lab Team makes a determination of what consistency will most complement it.