Solstice means change; the change of the seasons, and now a changing of the guard. This pursuit has taken us around the world, in search of new genetics and pushing for legal action. Back home in Seattle, we grow the cultivars we love with the hope that you will too.



After working with the city to create commercial medical cannabis, Solstice became the first cannabis brand in Washington State back in 2011.

Cannabis with a Cause

5% of our profits are dedicated to partner who are working hard to repair the impact of years of failed drug laws.

The Solstice Standard

Every product with the Solstice Sunflake has been graded on looks, aroma, flavor, and effect by our internal team of cannabis experts to ensure it meets The Solstice Standard. If it’s in our package, it means we love it – and we think you will too.

Made with Love

We have spent years developing a genetic pathway for our cultivars that provides the most diverse offering and continuous competition.

Sustainability Minded

Solstice worked with the city of Seattle to build an LED rebate program that encourages cultivators to be more environmentally conscious. We're pushing the envelope with greenhouse cultivation and are constantly trying to reduce our impact.

No Buds Left Behind

We offer our flowers in full size, littles, and rolled up in pre-roll joints. Our trim is extracted into beautiful golden concentrates. In total, we work hard to use every bit of the plant.
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Learn the life cycle of our products from clones all the way to finished product.


A complete overview of our cultivar pathway and detail about what makes each strain unique.


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